Friday, December 21, 2012

The end of the line-- Mayan Calendar 2013

This is the end.  My only friend, the end.  Bummer, Jim! 

I sit here on the eve of the end of this phase of the Maya calendar and wonder-- if the world ends, so what?  I just had one of the best weeks of my life.  My time on earth may be complete.

I sat up close and personal at a hot Aerosmith show.  Extra bonus:  celeb crush, Johnny Depp, joined them for a few numbers.  

Friday, I enjoyed Kinky Friedman singing and reading from his latest book at McCabe's in Santa Monica.  

Among other things, he unkindly remarked that people like Ellen and me, who still enjoy music of the 70s are "insects trapped in amber."  Aw gee, what does he know anyway?  

A few nights later, I biked to two spectacular fireworks shows on the same night in Manhattan Beach.  One was a holiday show, the other celebrated the 100th birthday of Manhattan Beach.  

Does it get much better than that for a fireworks freak like me?  I'm afraid not.  

Mayas~ let the apocalypse begin!


  1. So...Your life is the "charm" that averted the Mayan Apocalypse!!

  2. Love this!

    Debra S.

  3. Very cool, Marta.
    I rarely get into L.A. etc. because I dislike driving on the freeways. You're
    taking full advantage of the fun things to do.
    Keep doing it!


  4. : ) Excellent!


  5. Marta,

    Biked from CLAREMONT????

    Barbara R

    1. No, did NOT. I can see where my post was (unintentionally) misleading, however. I drove to MB Mall, parked there for free, then biked from there to the beach. Not quite the 50 mile bicycle challenge you envisioned!

      Still there were hills. I swear-- lots of steep little hills- I had to huff and puff all the way home to the van!