Saturday, February 23, 2013

Wicked Pisser Week

Yes, that's me shamelessly showing off my baby.
Hello, my friends!

It's been wicked pisser busy since the San Gabriel Valley LitFest.  Where did this week go?  But, let's get back to SGV Litfest, just for a moment.

It's like they're the new Beatles or-- the Next Big Thing!
I wanted to mention how well oiled the LitFest machine was.  I wanted to compliment John and Ann Brantingham, Scott Creley and Elder Zamora.  I wanted to thank everyone who listened to my readings.  I wanted to compliment all the people I introduced, and tell them how much I enjoyed getting to know them better.  I wanted to thank the people who womaned the Oak Tree Press booth, and tell them I am happy to have so many new friends.  I wanted to thank all those who took photographs of me, especially the ones who made me look good.  I still want to do all those things, so here goes.  THANK YOU!
Dylan Gosland and Anders Carson

Luke Salazar, on fire!


Saturday, February 16, 2013

San Gabriel Valley Literary Zombie Fest

Note the blossoming trees.  Are we actually in Japan?

Hey!  Do you see some literary zombies come to life in West Covina in and around the Library and City Hall?  That would be us.  John Brantingham's eyes have a vague, burned-out yet happy look.  Does he even recognize me as he says Hi, nods and smiles?

T. Anders Carson-- he worked like a dawg all day yesterday (as did all the other hosts and volunteers of the LitFest).  Then he and John stayed up yakking till 4AM this morning.  No wonder they had the hollowed out eye sockets of Zombiemen today.

My report on the LitFest:  IT ROCKS!  John said it would be-- and it is-- the greatest thing since ice cream, lap dancers and jewelry.  Something for everyone in the entire family.

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to introduce a batch of talented poets, all the way up to Suzanne Lummis, who appeared as the living incarnation of fun in the Seuss tradition of the word.  You know what Dr. Seuss said-- "It's fun to have fun, but you have to know how."  Suzanne knows how.  She wore the most fabulous green stuffed animal fur bolero jacket and the coup de grace were her green-tipped nails that matched both the jacket and her übercool green, patent-leather tote.  Man, I wish I had thought of all that.

The Fest is loaded with photographers, both amateur and professional.  I'm sure there are great shots of all of us at various podiums and on various stages.  I'll try to round some up for the next blog.

Today, I read a short fiction piece of mine that was published by Rind Literary Magazine and followed up with a few chapters of my newly minted book, Murder's Last Resort.  The other readers, who included Kevin Ridgeway, Dylan Gosland, Phillip Van Sant, Owen Torres and Melinda Smith KILLED! 

My literary parts are sighing with contentment.  The poetry and prose have been SMASHING.  I can't get enough of this stuff and want the festival to last for an entire week.

Lest you think I've forgotten my priorities, I must remark on the food trucks.  EXEMPLARY.

Come join us-- tomorrow's the grand finale.  I'll be introducing author Martin Lastrapes, one of my heroes of original thinking, at the Outdoor Stage at 2PM. 

I'll be reading from Murder's Last Resort on the Main Stage at 5PM, and I'll be introducing fellow Oak Tree Press authors Marja McGraw, the most organized author on earth, Morgan St. James, and Sunny Frazier-- also the Minotaur author of the popular Crispin Guest Series, Jeri Westerson.  

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

While I was gone...

In case anyone missed me (DID ANYONE MISS ME?), I've been sick.  Well, I've been many things, but sick was one of them.  I caught that galloping head cold making the rounds in L.A.  In case you missed it more than you missed me, here's a fun sneeze: 

Also, I moved from my home of over 9 years (leased it out) to parts west where I have been looking for a new place while I lead a vagrant gypsy life, down by the sea again, where the wind's like a whetted knife, à la John Masefield.

I can't seem to gain any equilibrium.  I keep cresting, getting my head just above water and then I'm down again-- not down for the count, but I seem to be playing "catchup" every day.

Look for upcoming blogs on:
1. the Hitchhiker's Guide to Starbucks
2. the visit with Judge Judy
3. what it is to get a book ready for market

You thought writing the book was the work?  Oh ha ha-- I laugh!