Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Russell Brand offered to WHAT?

That's what friends have asked me.  Also, where have I been, bloggigly speaking?  I guess they actually read my blog and enjoy it.  Imagine!

So many things have happened.  I got so buried in Murder's Last Resort that I didn't post about the Hitchhiker's Guide to Starbucks.  See this guy pictured below?  He was wandering around Culver City in his burgundy colored robe with nothing underneath (I can testicle to that), checking out the scene.  I watched people watching him.  NOT.  Only in La La Land would a guy like him go completely unnoticed.

On the scene in historic Culver City

Then there was the January 28 visit to Judge Judy with my friends, the two Sues.

Sue and Sue

JJ has changed

They were both excited to visit the set, but the one Sue was out of her mind with joy.  She said it was the best day of her life.  It outstripped her wedding day and the birth of her two children (sorry, hubby and kids).  And that was even before we ran into Russell Brand, who cuddled her tight and then offered to play with her boobies.

After the first cuddle
She declined his offer (twice), but she was sorely tested. After we said our good-byes to Russell, I could have kicked myself for not giving him my business card.  One never knows when one's boobies could use a little play date.

Sue and Russell forever