Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's been a Jumbotron exciting day so far.  Got caught up in the God Letters.  Rode my newly tuned bike.  It flies, once again, like the Flitzer it is.  Got my carpets cleaned.  Got some great advice from Bonnie Hill Hearn.

Got, got, got.

Get to go to work this afternoon at Buddha Mouse Emporium on the illustrious Avenue of Yale in the enchanted village of Claremont.  Get to meet with my writer's at Walter's on self-same illustrious Avenue of Yale at 6:30PM.  Get to make a late night appearance in the ER.  That would be Eagle Rock, not the emergency room, God willing.

Bonnie Hill Hearn @ www.amazon.com

Imagine my surprise when I tried to look at my long-abandoned blog today and found several others by the same title.  Annoying.  This is why the blog should be named after the person and not a cutesy concept like "Sweet Mystery of Life".