Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Last Issue or Gruesome Lawn Sh*t

       I have a friend who calls pink flamingos, resin deer, painted elves, brightly colored gazing balls on pedestals-- any and all ornamental garden decor-- Lawn Sh*t.  She would be shocked to know that Mt. Sac named its literary and visual arts magazine, Creepy Gnome.
       What thinking went into this?  No idea.  I just know they put out a quality product and they want you in it. 

       The staff, pictured below, 

wants your submissions for their third issue, "The Last Issue".  Is it really their last issue?  Based on personal experience, I doubt it.  Every time I think I've tackled my last issue, three more crop up.
       For further info and deets on how to submit your masterpieces, go to the following link:

The literary and visual arts magazine of Mt. San Antonio College. Send all submissions to! Click "About" and read the "Description" section for more details on how to send us your work.

       Go on, do it.  Submit.  You'll be in good company.  My work will mingle there with yours.

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  1. Not officially Mt. SAC, but Mt. SAC adjacent. Those people do a great job with really no input from me, but a lot from Lloyd Aquino, genius among short men!