Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Writers Weekend

This was supposed to be publshed Sunday night.  Dunno why it didn't happen.

Still on a high from the 2012 Writers Weekend at Mt. Sac in Walnut, CA.

Some quotable quotes:

They're not rejecting you.  They're rejecting your work.  -  T. Anders Carson

Be willing to fall into the grave.  -  Jo Scott-Coe

Mention people in your blog.  -  Sir John Buckley

Philosophy gets heard more through humor.  -  LeeAnne McIlroy Langton

I f*ing LOVE! -  Sir John Buckley

T. Anders Carson, the People's Poet of Canada, made the poems flow like Niagara Falls.

Here's a quick one I wrote Saturday:

Saltines and 7-Up
are for when you’re sick
unlike sardines
which are for when
you’re British
and you call them


  1. What about Lord Buckley? Was he there? Nah. Never mind.

    1. Mais oui! How could I quote him if t'weren't for his presence?

    2. Marta:

      Re: My Quotes: I used to mention my own stuff in my blog posts, but no one seemed to care too much. Then I started mentioning who read which pieces at local readings, and my web traffic picked up. People like to discover their names online and in print, so long as the attention is positive. And I do try to keep my comments from being negative; the general apathy of the world toward most creative endeavors is negative enough. Second, yes, I love Duotrope. I would make sweet, sweet love to its submission tracker alone.

  2. I'd pay good money to see that, John, as I'm sure many others would.

    1. Ha! I have a hunch I shouldn't quit my day job!