Thursday, May 10, 2012

At Silver Falls premieres at Cannes

Tadhg Kelly

 Not to be outdone by May and Alexis Sun, my mother calls me and gives me an earful on Sunday morning.

"I just read your blog about Alexis and her film going to Cannes.  What about your own son?  Don't you know that 'At Silver Falls' is also going to Cannes?"

"Tadhg didn't write, produce and star in it, Mom."

"It's still going to Cannes," she says, her answer an imperative [you go mention that right now in your blog, young lady].

Oops.  My bad.  That's right, Tadhg did say something about it a while back.


"Mom, the movie is going there to get sold.  You know film festivals are markets."

"Isn't that a big deal?" I fairly shout and begin selecting my wardrobe for the trip.

Interrupting my thoughts, he shrugs and says, "Nah.  None of the actors are going."

"Huh?"  The hiss of escaping air from my little balloon of joy can be heard, as it death spirals to the earth.

"It is premiering there, though..." he adds, giving the notion a bit more weight.  "Still, we're not going."


All righty then.  May and Alexis Sun will be ueberjealous when they find out Tadhg and I stayed home for Cannes.  Between screenings, they'll be smiling at each other over Salade Niçoise in an outdoor, white tablecloth café on the Boulevard de la Croisette. We'll be chowing down on pulled pork tacos with other hipsters at The Oinkster in Eagle Rock.  We know how to live.  (At Silver Falls)


  1. Marta,

    I know you are proud of your son. Cannes is big stuff, his film could be accepted as a sleeper. This is great news. Take it in strides.

    Love ya lady,

    1. Thank you for commenting, Augie. You know I've got all digits x'ed for the success of this Indie teen horror flick. Ya gotta love the classics...

    2. You bet I'm a proud mom, Augie. You have such a positive attitude. If we could bottle your enthusiasm, we'd all be up in the clouds!

  2. Ditto what Augie said. This is so exciting! We'll be waiting for news about Cannes.

  3. Thank you for commenting, Marja. As soon as I know something, you'll know something. You know how it goes though-- the mom is always the last to know.